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Community Services

Our Community Services are below:

Community Outreach

To help you make healthy lifestyle decisions, North Ridge Medical Center offers a wide range of community events, including lectures, health fairs, complimentary health screenings, support groups and demonstrations both on and off campus. North Ridge showcases its affiliated healthcare experts in community lecture series at the hospital and in various locations in Broward and South Palm Beach counties. Events are designed for people of all ages. The Tenet Wellness Van, a 30-foot mobile mammography unit, brings specially priced mammograms to various locations in Broward County upon request. Additional services include complimentary cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure screenings. Accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR), the van may be available for employee heathfairs, condo associations, mall fairs and other special events. The Tenet Wellness Van is a great way to show your employees how much your company cares or bring convenient healthcare to your area.

Hospital Happenings

Health Happenings Engage in some healthy conversation. We are pleased to present the following support groups, lectures or screenings as part of our community education program. Reservations are needed on all events. Support Groups – topics and speakers vary each month Diabetes Type II Support Group Under 65 Parkinson’s Support Group Comprehensive Approach to Multiple Sclerosis – MS Support Group Community Lectures Topic:  Skin Cancer: What You Should Know Speaker: Bella A. Pacheco, M.D., Plastic Surgeon Topic: Insulin Pump Awareness Speakers: Edward Biederman, M.D., Endocrinologist; Amy Waller, MSN, ARNP, CDE; and Gerri Fernald, LPN

Speaker’s Bureau

The Speakers Bureau at North Ridge Medical Centre is a free community service, providing professional organisations, community groups, businesses, schools and churches in Broward and south Palm Beach County with healthcare information.  Knowledge and awareness are among the keys to prevention and wellness. North Ridge Medical Center can provide you with a speaker(s) on the topic of your choice. Lectures are conducted by healthcare professionals including affiliated physicians, nurses and clinicians. Presentations may feature slide shows, handouts or other visual aids. To request a speaker or for information on additional subjects, please call (954-202-4868. Please allow 4-6 weeks prior to the requested speaker date. Available Topics – Allergies – Alzheimer’s and Memory Disorders – Arthritis – Breast Health – Cancer Topics – Cardiovascular Disease – Diabetes and Metabolism – Exercise – Gastroentrerology – Headaches – Health Screenings – High Blood Pressure – Multiple Sclerosis – Neuro-related Disorders or Diseases – Nutrition/Cooking Demonstrations – Orthopedic Topics – Osteoporosis – Parkinson’s Disease – Plastic Surgery – Pain Management – Rehabilitation – Stroke Prevention – Urology Topics – Volunteer Program – Wound Treatment Support Group.