NeuroScience Centre

NeuroScience Center

Suffering from headaches, dizziness lost of balance, back or neck pain or seizures. Please don’t assume your problem is “all in your head.” The North Ridge NeuroScience Center offers treatment for neurological disorders, including seizures, stroke, movement disorders, Multiple Sclerosis, memory disorders, headaches, vestibular disorders, dizziness, tremors associated with Parkinson’s Disease and Essential tremor, and spasticity. The Center also provides a wide range of neurosurgical and nonsurgical management for disorders of the nervous system.

Using a team approach, the Center is equipped with a multidisciplinary group of healthcare professionals educated to address the special needs of patients. Through research and participation in clinical trials, the NeuroScience Center offers some of the latest treatments today. The MS Center, Debby Sanderson National Parkinson Foundation Care Center and Memory Disorder Center are dedicated programs offered at the NeuroScience Center.

Multiple Sclerosis Center

– Affiliation with National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS),
one of two centers in South Florida
– Advanced capabilities and new treatments
– Medical director who specializes in providing evaluation,
diagnosis and therapeutic interventions
– NMSS counselors on site during clinic hours
– Comprehensive evaluation, diagnostic and rehabilitation services
– Comprehensive Approach to MS (a monthly hospital-based
lecture/support group meeting)

Debby Sanderson National Parkinson Foundation Care Center
– Affiliation with National Parkinson Foundation, one of six
dedicated centers in Florida
– Diagnostic services, specialized treatment and counseling
– Resource library with educational materials and collaterals
– Ongoing support groups and lectures
– Staffed by a Nurse-Patient Coordinator

Memory Disorder Center
– Comprehensive approach and treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease
and other dementias, as well as other causes of memory disorders
including Parkinson’s Disease, multiple strokes, alcohol and
HIV-related dementias
– Diagnosis and referral center for individuals who are
experiencing changes in their memory, attention, concentration
and/or other cognitive functions
– Supports the  Alzheimer’s Association South Florida Chapter

The NeuroScience Center also provides treatment for headaches and brain attacks (strokes and TIAs), as well as offers interventional neuroradiology, neuropsychology and neurodiagnostics.