Diabetes and Metabolism Clinic

If you have diabetes and/or have lipid abnormalities, the Diabetes and Metabolism Clinic’s focus is to achieve optimal blood sugar and lipid levels by emphasising education, self-management and continually adjusting medication regimens in an effort to help you feel good and delay the long-term complications of these diseases. The Clinic also offers diagnosis, management, treatment and ongoing evaluation for osteoporosis and menopause. Our team provides a multi-discipline approach, including a nurse practitioner, dietician, exercise physiologist and physician. The Clinic offers education classes, monthly support groups and individual counselling.

Lipid Management

– Diagnosis, treatment and continual evaluation of lipid control
by prescribing medications and effective use of diet and exercise
– Follow up patient evaluation one to three months in the Clinic
for long-term care and support

Thyroid Diagnosis, Treatment and Evaluation

– Hypothyroidism
– Hyperthyroidism

Women’s Health – Osteoporosis and Menopause

– Screening, diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis
– Diet, exercise, medications and vitamin supplements to treat
– Assessment, treatment and ongoing care and support for women
experiencing menopausal signs and symptoms
– Support groups
– Initial and follow-up visits in the office by the nurse practitioner
– Nutrition and/or exercise physiologist counseling sessions