Clinical Services

Below is a list of our clinical services:

Cancer Care Program

By stressing prevention, early detection and offering advanced treatment options, North Ridge Medical Centre hopes to play an integral role in the prevention and control of cancer within our community.

A wide array of treatments is available through a team of affiliated oncologists, surgeons, oncology nurse specialists and a specialised nursing staff.

Cardiac and Vascular Institute

Diabetes and Metabolism Clinic

Emergency Services

Recently expanded, the North Ridge Emergency Room operates 24-hours a day and is staffed by physicians and nurses who specialise in emergency care, from minor injuries to critical care needs. Nearly doubled in size, the ER offers a larger registration area and waiting room, and a dedicated 24-hour triage area for physicians to care for the patients with the most serious needs.

In an effort to better prepare you for emergencies that may arise, North Ridge Medical Center offers the File of Life. This program lets you personalise a special file with important and potentially life-saving medical information all about you – your medical history, medication, allergies, personal contacts in case of an emergency, physicians and other vital data.

Home Care Program

Tenet Home Care is based out of Florida Medical Centre in Lauderdale Lakes and provides individualised care in a patient’s home. Tenet Home Care offers a broad range of services and many different professionals to meet your healthcare needs, including skilled nursing care, rehabilitative services, nutritional counseling, social services, and much more. Many specialty programs are also available, including cardiac and wound care, diabetes education, and IV therapy. With its own medical supply sources, Tenet Home Care can deliver quality supplies right to your doorstep.

NorthRidge Neuro Science Centre

Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation

Outpatient Cardio Wellness Centre

The North Ridge Cardio/Wellness Centre, located just south of the Hospital at 4650 N. Dixie Highway, offers you the benefits of a gym with the comfort of being part of the Hospital.

The wellness program provides:

– Personalized exercise programs
– Vital signs monitored with workouts
– Nutritionist available (fee required)
– Cardiovascular services
– Strength and range of motion training
– Body fat analysis
– Range of motion and stretching program
– Maintenance fitness program after completion of any formal
physical therapy or cardiac program
– Weight loss program
– Yoga classes (fee required)

The Wellness Centre is equipped with computerised treadmills, Cybex weight training equipment, computerised life fitness rowing machines, UBE, stationary bicycles and free weights.

Outpatient Services

Outpatient surgery, or same day surgery, is appropriate for many surgical procedures which do not require an overnight stay in the Hospital. These procedures include catheterizations, arthroscopy, laparoscopy, bronchoscopy, endoscopy and others. North Ridge’s Outpatient Care Center provides both diagnostic and surgical procedures in a comfortable environment. Outpatient registration is located on the first floor in the main lobby.

Services include:

– X-rays
– MRIs
– CT scans
– Spiral CT scans
– Ultrasound photography
– Mammography
– Nuclear medicine
– Physical therapy
– Laboratory tests
– Electrocardiograms (EKGs)
– Cardiopulmonary stress testing
– Orthopedic diagnostic and treatment
– Obstetrical and gynecological treatment
– Gastrointestinal testin

Research Development

North Ridge has an Institutional Review Board (IRB) that meets regularly to discuss current trials and research projects being conducted on site and in affiliated physician offices. The committee is responsible to approve the initiation of biomedical research involving humans and is comprised of physicians (active and retired), nurses, administration, clergy and lay people. Each project is reviewed annually to note its progress, record the number of participants and to determine if any adverse effects have occurred.

Ongoing projects include:

– Multiple cardiac drug studies, including anticoagulants to open
the blocked vessels
– Multiple pacemaker studies
– TMR Laser device
– ATS Heart Valve
– Multiple oncology studies, including chemotherapy drugs and
blood stem cell transplantation
– Arthritis drug studies, including a drug designed to prevent
deep vein thrombosis (DVT) on patients having hip and knee
– Multiple stent studies throughout the body
– A mechanical ventilator study
– Breast implant studies for patient’s after mastectomy surgery
suffering from cancer.

Senior Services

Senior Partnership is a complimentary program designed to bring confidence and convenience to the senior members of our community. As a member, you will receive a membership with the following benefits:

– Free transportation for medical procedures or doctor visits
to the hospital or North Ridge Outpatient Center
– 40% discount on meals in the Hospital cafeteria
– Personal hospital escort if needed
– Free balance screening by Physical Therapy for persons with
a history of dizziness (appointment necessary)
– Free health lectures
– One free exercise session in our supervised wellness program
at the North Ridge Outpatient Center (appointment necessary)

Women’s Services

Wound Care

The Wound Care and Limb Preservation Center specializes in caring for chronic wounds and ulcers that have not healed with standard primary care treatments. The best protection against complications is early diagnosis and treatment. The Center is located at the North Ridge Outpatient Center, 4650 N. Dixie Highway just south of the Hospital and Commercial Boulevard.

The Center uses an interdisciplinary approach to help our patients receive a comprehensive evaluation and treatment. Our team of specialists offer their experience and academic training in the following disciplines: podiatry, vascular surgery, orthopedic surgery, infectious disease Dan plastic surgery.

Some of the factors that may lead to the development of non-healing wounds include decreased blood flow to the legs and feet, neuropathy (burning, tingling or lack of sensation in the feet), diabetes, smoking, poor nutrition, immobility, incontinence, trauma and accidents and skin care.

Common signs and symptoms that may accompany chronic, non-healing wounds and may indicate the need for specialized services are neuropathic pain, pressure sores, vascular disease, venous stasis ulcers, and cellulitis.