Doctor checking blood pressure of the patient, selective focus

NRM Donates

North Ridge donates dollars to Broward Fire Rescue for AED devices The Tenet Healthcare Foundation and North Ridge Medical Center have donated $20,000 to Broward County Fire Rescue to purchase portable automated external defibrillator (AED) devices. The timely use of an AED, which provides defibrillation shocks that help restore normal heart rhythm, can be a critical key to survival of cardiac arrest, according to the American Heart Association. “It is only natural that the hospital with the largest cardiovascular program in Broward County work with Broward Fire Rescue to ensure our residents and visitors have access to the latest technology and emergency treatment of cardiac accidents,” said Clifford J. Bauer, North Ridge Chief Executive Officer. In the past, trained emergency rescue personnel primarily operated the AED, but fire rescue departments are now encouraging the community to use devices to help save the lives of people suffering sudden cardiac arrest in public places. At selected areas, Broward Fire Rescue will train the targeted personnel/public on using the lightweight devices. Sudden cardiac arrest, which kills at least 350,000 people in the U.S. each year, can strike almost anyone. Even a healthy person may, without warning, experience cardiac arrest and die, if not treated immediately. An AED offers a practical way to save lives, by helping to restore the victim’s heart rhythm before Fire Rescue arrives.

FDA Approved Treatment

North Ridge First in State to Perform FDA-Approved Procedure for Treatment of Coronary Artery Disease New Procedure Helps Reduce Risks Most Commonly Associated with Angioplasty North Ridge Medical Center (NRMC) is the first medical facility in Florida to perform cardiac procedures using the new FDA-approved Beta-Cath System developed for patients suffering from in-stent restenosis, one of the most common risks associated with angioplasty. In-stent restenosis is the blockage of arteries that results from a build-up of scar tissue at the site of the lesion after balloon angioplasty or stent placement. The Beta-Cath system, developed by Novoste Corp., is designed to prevent the blockage of arteries by delivering beta radiation seeds (vascular brachytherapy) directly to the site. “Several staff physicians have already been trained on this newly FDA-approved procedure,” said Cliff Bauer, chief executive officer of NRMC. “These physicians will be working in conjunction with our radiation oncologist.” Coronary artery disease, which is the leading cause of death in the United States, usually occurs when arteries become clogged and blood flow to the heart becomes restricted. Angioplasty, an alternative to open heart surgery, dilates the arteries and restores normal blood flow to the heart. Most angioplasties today are performed using stents, which are metal coils that are inserted to support blood vessels after they have been dilated. Stents provide support and prevent recoil. It is estimated that 150,000 patients were treated for in-stent restenosis in 1999. “We are proud to offer the new Beta-Cath System for our cardiac patients, a demonstration of our unwavering commitment to providing our patients the highest caliber of medical care using the latest in medical technology,” Bauer said. NRMC was ranked number one in Florida and in the top 5 percent of the nation for its cardiac services by HealthGrades, an information grading system. HealthGrades develops report cards on more than 5,000 hospitals across the country

CFO Appointed

North Ridge Medical Centre Appoints Chief Financial Officer Pete C. Mercer has been named chief financial officer (CFO) at North Ridge Medical Center.Prior to this position, Mercer served as CFO for Hollywood Medical Center, another Tenet South Florida HealthSystem facility. He has worked 22 years in the healthcare industry in various capacities, including Regional CFO for National Medical Enterprises and Regional Finance Manager with Humana. “Pete’s strong healthcare and educational background make him ideally qualified for the position of Chief Financial Officer,” said Cliff Bauer, chief executive officer of North Ridge. Mercer has a master’s in business administration with a specialization in finance, and in a bachelor’s degree in international studies, both from the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL. He also studied international affairs at the University of Utrecht, in Holland

Health Professional of the Year

MS Society Names Dr. Brian Steingo Health Professional of the Year Dr. Brian Steingo, medical director of the Neuroscience Center at North Ridge Medical Center (NRMC), was recently presented The National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s (NMSS) Health Professional of the Year Award. Dr. Steingo played an integral role in the opening of the Multiple Sclerosis Clinic at NRMC, one of two MS clinics in South Florida affiliated with the NMSS.”I am honored to receive this recognition and committed to continuing to work closely with the MS Society, everyone at NRMC and our community in our battle against MS,” said Dr. Steingo, who served as a member of the NMSS Board of Trustees and as Chair of the Clinical Advisory Committee for the past three years.” According to figures from NMSS, MS affects 350,000 people in the Untied States, and every week 200 additional cases are diagnosed across the country. “Admired and adored by his patients, Dr. Steingo has demonstrated his dedication and commitment by providing access to quality healthcare,” said Karen Dresbach, president of the South Florida Chapter of NMSS. “For his unwavering commitment to his patients, the community and the fight against MS, we are proud to have presented him with the Health Professional of the Year Award.” NMSS every year selects one health professional who plays an active role in the education of MS. Dr. Steingo spends many hours speaking at chapter-sponsored educational programs. He is host of a monthly educational session at NRMC to keep patients and their families informed of emerging treatments and many other issues that could improve the quality of life for persons with MS

Five Star Excellence

North Ridge earns five-star rating for excellence North Ridge Medical Centre Ranked Number One in Florida for its Cardiac Services in 2001 North Ridge Medical Centre (NRMC) has earned a five-star report card rating in 2001 from HealthGrades, Inc., an information grading system. The rating placed NRMC in the top 5 percent of medical facilities nationwide. “As the largest open heart program in Broward and South Palm Beach counties, our cardiac program has been very successful, thanks to an excellent team of doctors and nurses. But it is gratifying to receive this five-star recognition from a company that is in the business of rating heart programs nationally,” said Cliff Bauer, chief executive officer or NRMC. NRMC was ranked number one in Florida and in the top 5 percent in the nation for its cardiac services. It also was ranked in the top 10 percent in the nation and in the top five in the state of Florida for interventional procedures. NRMC received the highest possible ratings for interventional procedures, treatment of heart attack, and treatment of heart failure. HealthGrades develops report cards on more than 5,000 hospitals across the country. Using proprietary, risk-adjusted data from several different sources in a three-year time period, HealthGrades objectively rates hospitals and translates the statistics to user-friendly data. To earn a five-star rating, you must score in the top 10 percent of the nation. HealthGrades’ ratings for hospital specialty programs are updated annually. “The five-star rating earned by North Ridge Medical Centre is a mark of excellence that differentiates NRMC from the rest of the pack,” said Sarah Loughran, senior vice president of “By breaking our hospital rating system down to the specialty or procedural level and using risk-adjusted data, we are providing customers with objective information to help them make well-informed health care decisions for themselves and their families. Patients can compare their own local hospitals with regional and national programs by specialty, allowing an apples to apples comparison, to determine where they can receive quality specialty care.” About HealthGrades HealthGrades is an award-winning online resource that provides objective report card ratings on hospitals, health plans and nursing homes; enables users to create a customised list of physicians based on quality criteria; and includes detailed profiles and directory information on healthcare providers nationwide. Offering tailored searches by geographic location and specialty, HealthGrades provides a comprehensive database that includes information on more than 600,000 physicians, 5,000 hospitals, 400 health plans, 17,000 nursing homes, 10,000 mammography clinics, 300 fertility clinics, 60,0000 chiropractors, 150,000 dentists, 21,000 assisted living centres, 7,800 home health agencies, 75 birth centres, 3,000 hospice care facilities, 8,000 acupuncturists and 700 naturopathic physicians across the country. The Company markets its content to hospitals, health plans, nursing homes, Internet sites and large employer groups. HealthGrades was named the 1999 eHealthcare World Insight Platinum Award winner, recognising a breakthrough business model, product or service or a new mode of thinking about the Internet.

COO Appointed

North Ridge Medical Centre Appoints Chief Operating Officer Manny Linares was recently named Chief Operating Officer (COO) at North Ridge Medical Center, a Tenet South Florida HealthSystem hospital.Prior to joining the North Ridge team, Linares worked for more than 10 years at Hialeah Hospital, another Tenet South Florida HealthSystem facility. He held various management positions at Hialeah, including director of engineering, administrative director of support services and vice president of support services, where he was responsible for overseeing various departments and planning new construction and renovation projects. “We are thrilled to have Manny join us, as he brings his outstanding leadership skills coupled with a keen understanding of a hospital’s needs to our North Ridge team,” said Cliff Bauer, chief executive officer of North Ridge Medical Center. Linares graduated from Florida International University with a master’s in health service administration and a bachelor of science in electrical engineering

First Broward Counselling

First Broward MS clinic treats, counsels patients North Ridge Medical Center has opened the first Multiple Sclerosis (MS) clinic in Broward County affiliated with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS). It is the second such clinic in the NMSS’s 10-county chapter territory. The clinic directed by Brian Steingo, M.D., Neurologist, and Kathy Vanderbeck, ARNP, neuroscience center coordinator. The new facility is designed to provide a wide array of services to the MS patient and family in one central location. Patients can meet with neurologists and social workers, and also participate in peer counseling, group sessions and physical therapy. NMSS, South Florida chapter serves approximately 1,500 individuals with MS and more than 4,500 which include their family members and friends. Symptoms include vision problems, weakness, numbness, tremor, loss of balance, bladder/bowl dysfunction, and even paralysis are among the symptoms. Most people with MS are diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 40 but he unpredictable physical and emotional effects can be lifelong.